Thibaud Mourey, mountain guide

My name is Thibaud Mourey. I was born in Lyon in 1986. I first studied engineering in Grenoble and worked for 4 years as an engineer in Lyon. During all that time my passion for alpinism and skiing brought me in mountains of Vanoise first and then in other parts of the Alps and of the world. After some time, the temptation of making a job out of my passion became too big and I finaly quit my job to prepare the exam of the mountain guide training.

During those years, I have dedicate myself to mountaineering and I have discovered more deeply the french alps. I've loved so deeply spending so much time in the mountains. I passed the exam in june 2017 and started the mountain guide training.

Today, I am glad to do the job I had dreamed of since I was a boy. It seems to me that everyone has his own way of living the mountains and that my role is to understand it and to fit our project to it. Therefore, I wish that our project were built on an exchange and that we discuss together about what you are looking for. Your indications during the preparation are very important for me to find the route that fits you the best.

It is not always easy to imagine what a day in high mountain will look like. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me and we might talk about the possibilities we have.